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Covid-19 Update - 


The clinic is OPEN for in-person appointments as well as remote online sessions, and we have implemented robust safety measures for patient and therapist safety.  If you have questions about in-person appointments, remote treatment sessions, or are interested in becoming a new patient, please call or submit an online inquiry form at our website. You will be contacted shortly. Thank you!


Whole Body Wellness Physical Therapy, LLC is a Chronic Pain Clinic


Dr. Yuchin Chang, founder of Whole Body Wellness Physical Therapy, LLC has a great passion for working with people suffering from complex chronic pain (of any origin), including concussion syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, neck/back pain, fibromyalgia, trigger point pain, neuropathy, and so on.  She understands that having chronic pain can be consuming, overwhelming, and debilitating.  Often times, it takes people several years before they can find a chronic pain specialist who can help.


Dr. Chang offers a unique whole-body perspective combined with skillful, gentle hands-on techniques and body-mind integration approach to her patients. Her physical therapy approach is sophisticated and offers insightful assessment into complex chronic pain and pelvic issues. 


Especially during this pandemic, the mind-body connection is even more vital for one's healing process.  Her unique hands-on techniques combined with advanced knowledge about the nervous system provide guidance and empowerment to her patients through this challenging transition time.  Her patients learn the various ways to reclaim the body-mind connections and cultivate the innate resilience in the process. 


She forms a strong partnership with patients through effective communication, patient education, and compassion.  She holds a therapeutic space for her patient and practices art of mindfulness and active listening in every treatment session.  Through her guidance, patients acquire the self-care tools and knowledge about the body, forming a path for self-reliance and self-resiliency.  She believes that only through a Whole-Body approach to complex chronic conditions, one can truly begin his/her journey of healing. 


When You can be Empowered to Change Your Body Fundamentally and Improve the Quality of Your Life, Why Wait and Suffer!?





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