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What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common bladder dysfunctions, and is especially common in women. Following childbirth, women can suffer from postpartum urinary incontinence due to core weakness and/or pelvic floor scarring.


Treatment for Incontinence 

Pelvic physical therapy for urinary leakage therapy specially focuses on the pelvic issues and addresses tissue adhesion after surgery, bladder organ prolapse, and urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercises are often prescribed as a common exercise for the urinary incontinence therapy. Learning how to do Kegel exercises correctly is crucial. 60% of the women given only verbal instructions perform the Kegel exercise incorrectly, and such wrong muscle contractions are actually making the problem worse.

More importantly, learning what is contributing to the incontinence before doing Kegel exercises is the key to treating urinary incontinence successfully.

When providing incontinence therapy, a whole body approach should be utilized, including pelvic muscle function, body alignment, (pelvic) organ mobility restriction, neural (nerve) restriction, and body movement to tease out mechanical imbalance.

For more information on teasing out mechanical imbalance contributing to urinary incontinence, please fill out the form or call the office.

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