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Your first visit will be initial evaluation, which is 60 minutes.  If you are coming in for pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, your first session is a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation lasting 60 minutes. During the evaluation, the therapist will assess your joint alignment in various positions, your biomechanics (body movements), and your gait (walking).

She will also evaluate the flexibility of your muscles, fascia, nerual (nerve) and scar tissue, and determine the area of restriction around the pelvis, legs, trunks, and spine. It is important to wear a clean mask covering your nose and mouth, loose clothing, such as a T-shirt and stretchy pants, to allow you to move freely.

After assessing the external pelvis and spine structure, the therapist will discuss with you whether an internal pelvic floor muscle exam is appropriate based on your situation. If you prefer not to have internal pelvic floor muscle exam during your evaluation session, your pelvic floor therapist will not perform the exam.  

After gathering all the information from assessment, your therapist will discuss her findings with you and explain the interaction between different body parts and systems.  Your therapist will come up with a plan of care based on the found evidence and discuss her plan in detail with you.  You are encouraged to ask questions and participate in your plan of care. 

The initial evaluation session ususally does not include treatment.

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