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What is pelvic pain?

When one has pain in the private area, it can be extremely stressful and upsetting! Having pain in private parts is unmentionable socially; as a result, one often suffers in silence.

Pelvic pain can take many different forms and locate in various body regions, such as the genital or rectal areas, lower abdomen, or deep in the pelvis. Genital pain includes vulvar pain (vulvodynia), testicular pain and penile pain.

The pelvis forms the core foundation of the body and as such has links to many of the body’s other areas and systems. For this reason, determining the causes of pelvic pain is often complicated. It requires many years of training in hands-on techniques and human anatomy to treat pelvic pain effectively.


Effective Pelvic Pain Treatment

Pelvic pain treatment can be comprehensive, gentle, and effective at the same time. Pelvic physical therapy is an integral part of pelvic pain treatment program.

By combining information from the patient’s description of symptoms with physical examination techniques, the pelvic floor physical therapist builds a detailed picture of the source of pain. Using this picture as a guide, the therapist then develops a treatment plan that is tailored to address the underlying causes and achieve effective and lasting relief.

Finding a pelvic physical therapist specializes in treating chronic pelvic pain is crucial in the healing process. Also, patients also need to be comfortable with the therapist's treatment style and philosophy to have the best partnership in treating pelvic pain.

Interested in finding out Dr. Chang’s philosophy for pelvic pain treatment? Please fill out the contact form or call the office.

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