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What is sexual pain?

Pain associated with sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia, can occur in both men and women. Painful sex has a variety of types and causes, and it can occur in the various stages of sexual intercourse.

Having sexual pain often associates with anxiety and depression, and such strong emotional association is a common reaction toward pain. Often, men and women are told their pain is all in their heads, which is inaccurate. Subsequently, the only therapy offered is sex therapy. Psychotherapy can address emotional distress, but it does not treat the mechanical aspect of sexual pain.


Gentle, Effective Pelvic Care

When there are mechanical components, pelvic physical therapist can help sexual pain. Pelvic floor physical therapy is often utilized as a treatment for sexual pain.

During the treatment for sexual pain, a whole body approach is recommended, including body alignment, muscle tone and muscle pain (trigger points), body movement, pelvic organ mobility, and nerve impingement.

When treating painful intercourse, the therapist should be sensitive to the associated emotional components and tailor our treatment approach to be in harmony with these. When appropriate, educating and involving the partner during the session can enhance the treatment progress.

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