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What is prolapse?

Pelvic organ prolapse, such as bladder prolapse, rectal prolapse, or uterine prolapse, is often accompanied by core muscle weakness and inhibition.  Bladder prolapse is very common. Poor body alignment, post- abdominal surgical scars, trauma, chronic constipation, or pregnancy can all contribute to bladder prolapse.   


Treatment for bladder prolapse

Alternative to prolapse surgery, pelvic physical therapy for bladder prolapse should be considered.  Bladder prolapse treatment should consider the whole person by evaluating the bony structural alignment, respiratory system, muscle activation and trigger point, neurological system, and visceral (internal organ) system. 

All causes, such as abdominal muscle weakness and inhibition, scarring from surgery to the abdominal area or pelvic floor muscles, nerve impingement, and incoordination of the core muscles, have to be addressed to ensure the best outcome.  

If Kegel exercises are prescribed as part of the bladder prolapse treatment, the pelvic floor therapist will teach patients to perform them correctly and with good pelvic alignment and proper body mechanics.  So, Kegel exercises will not cause more pain and contribute to patients' pelvic issues. 

Need more information on if Kegel exercises are good for your bladder? Please fill out the contact form or contact the office.

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