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What is Trigger Points?

Trigger Points are extremely sensitive spots in the taut band of a muscle that can actively cause pain, either right at their location or at a nearby area. Such is distracting and fatiguing, and can prevent a person from sleeping well.

Dry Needling is often utilized as a treatment for painful muscles.


Dry Needling for painful muscles

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a technique in which small needles are used to deactivate the trigger points and allows the tight regions of the muscle to relax and lengthen.
Different from other clinicians, Dr. Yuchin Chang takes a step further when providing trigger point treatment. After deactivating trigger points, she looks at a person's whole body structurally, neurologically, and functionally to tease out what is promoting the trigger points.


Dry Needling specialist  

Having completed a rigorous program to become certified as a dry needling specialist, Dr. Chang can offer the trigger point treatment competently and effectively, and minimize the discomfort associated with the needles.

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