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Pain after pregnancy?

The birth of a baby is a joyous event, but it can be a trauma to the pelvic floor, causing pelvic floor muscle tear and scarring. If a woman has C-section surgical procedures, the surgery can cause trauma to the abdominal muscles, pain and adhesion.

With imbalanced abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, having pain and core weakness after pregnancy is such a common presentation among postpartum women.

The challenges come when caring for a baby after pregnancy. Common activities, such as frequent lifting and carrying baby, changing diapers, and bending down to pick up toys, often stress postpartum body and cause pain.

Improving core strength after pregnancy is crucial to ensure a painless motherhood!


Treatment for pain after pregancy

Pelvic physical therapy provides women with treatment for pain after pregnancy. It can provide effective treatments to promote healing from trauma that occurs during childbirth. Pelvic physical therapy also addresses core weakness after pregnancy by providing better body mechanics and proper realignment. During the session, the therapists instruct specific exercises to waken up the weak and inhibited muscles around the pelvis, which will eliminate muscles imbalance and poor body awareness. 

Having a strong core and balanced body after pregnancy is important to ensure that a mom can take care of her baby. She can focus on bonding with the baby instead of being distracted by her pain.

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