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I became very excited when I came across an interesting article about a man’s journey of discovering body and mind connection and healing his chronic pelvic pain condition. 


An interesting BBC article (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-44910438) details a man’s journey of discovering body and mind connection through meditation and healing his chronic pelvic pain condition. 

First of all, I applauded the author’s honesty and good intension to raise awareness to the subject of male pelvic pain.  I have seen many men suffering from years of ‘prostatitis.  Despite having negative signs of infections and negative lab result findings, men, who do not have cancers but still have pain, are being diagnosed with ‘prostatitis’ and given antibiotics.    Such cases usually puzzle urologists.  If patients do not have organ pathology, such as infection, cancer, etc., the urologists do not have much to offer in terms of treatment options.

In the article, the author mentioned that he came across the concept of using meditation as a remedy for pain by serendipity.  In the process of learning and using the mediation as a tool to reconnect with the body, he was able to be free of pain after 18 months of suffering.

While detailing his struggles and his encounter of using mediation as a form of therapy for pelvic pain, he did caution that meditation is not a cure for organ pathology.  However, it can offer much needed calmness and relaxation for tense tissues.  High tissue tension indeed is often found in men with pelvic pain.

Feeling hopeless and frustrated are unfortunately common for most of my patients with male pelvic pain after years of suffering and trying to find therapy for prostate pain.  In the treatment session, I often incorporate breathing exercises that have ‘mindfulness’ components for the pelvic floor muscles.  With practice, patients can relearn the connection to the body and use breathing to relax the muscles when sensing tension in the pelvis.

The following is an easy breathing exercise to begin connecting to your pelvis. Enjoy!

Easy Breathing Exercise for Pelvic Pain

Lie on your back with your body comfortably resting on a mat.

Take a couple of minutes to quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing. 

Notice the air that comes in and out of your nose at the present moment.

Notice what movements associated with breathing. 

Then allow the air to travel deep into your body to pelvis with ease, and sense what you feel in your pelvis.

Are your pelvic muscles relaxed or tense?

Do not rush the process.

Your body may need a few minutes to gather information.   

Repeat the breathing exercises frequently during the week until you can access your pelvis with ease.  



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